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InSight Combination Brake/Tail Light with integral battery (pre-order)

Quick Overview

Exclusive pre-order for the InSight

This is without question a rear light of unparalleled proportions; it is made out of rugged Aluminium. Is absolutely packed with wire free Patent Pending brake light technology and is instantly self-learning over any terrain that you ride on. It uses the very latest high power Cree red LED’s to be at the leading edge in terms of cycle safety and visibility. There is absolutely nothing out there like this in terms of concept, design, and quality.

We already know that demand for these lights is exceptionally high, so by pre ordering now with a deposit of just £5 you will be guaranteed availability on a first come first served basis. They cost just £79.95 and orders will be shipped before the end of July.

According to Department for Transport figures, 80% of ALL cycling accidents happen during daylight and 25% of those are from the cyclist being hit from behind. This product will revolutionise the cycling industry in terms of both safety and visibility.

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Additional Information


Rugged, stylish, high performance tail/brake light with Patent Pending circuit and software design.

Hardware Features:

  • Unique, custom extruded high grade aluminium profile.
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically without impacting operation.
  • External user adjustment on bracket to keep light unit level.
  • External switch control for mode of operation and charging.
  • External DC socket for charger or external battery pack.
  • Integral side illumination.

Electronic Features:

  • Patent Pending implementation of accelerometer to detect braking. No additional wires of detectors required on the bike.
  • Latest surface mount LED technology from CREE and Samsung.
  • Approx output in brake light mode 200Lumens.
  • Approx output in tail light mode 50Lumens.
  • Custom optics and lens provides excellent visibility from rear and side.
  • Integral 2Ah Lithium Ion battery cell provides over 24 hours of operation.
  • Solid state 3 axis accelerometer provides inputs to microprocessor to determine braking action using custom software algorithm (Patent Pending).
  • On board battery charge control and battery protection.
  • Compatible with all Lumicycle external Lithium Ion battery packs.
  • Can be charged from USB, 12V car adaptor, mains adaptor or Lumicycle Lithium Ion battery pack.
  • Super bright LED brake light visible in daylight for additional safety.

Software Features:

  • Patent Pending algorithm.
  • Constantly monitors g force (positive and negative) in three dimensions and determines when bicycle is slowing down, then activates Brake LED light LED’s.
  • Software determines between correct triggering for braking, and false triggering caused by rough surfaces, cornering etc. However it can also determine braking over rough surfaces by comparing inputs in all three planes.
  • Patent Pending “self learning” and “terrain following” algorithm automatically adjusts sensitivity to compensate for on and off road conditions, or changing surfaces and riding conditions.
  • Hysteresis included so brake light will not flicker at threshold limit – remains on for approx. 1 second after triggering event has been detected.
  • On board battery level monitoring. System will revert to “get home” mode if very low battery level is detected.
  • External indication of battery charge state by use of tail light LED’s.

Basic functional overview:

Mode 1

Simple constant tail light function only (no brake light). 6 Surface mount 5630 Red LED’s illuminated (constant on) providing excellent rear and side visibility L. Approx 50 Lumen total light output, provides good overall visibility to following road users.

Mode 2

Flashing mode tail light function only (no brake light). Lower power LED’s constantly illuminated as per Mode 1, but high power brake LED’s flash to provide long distance visibility to approaching traffic in poorly illuminated lanes and side roads.

Mode 3

Tail and brake light mode. Unit functions as per Mode 1 in normal conditions. When a negative g (braking) signal is detected/processed, the system then illuminates all high power LED’s maximum brightness. Automatically.

Mode 4

Brake light only mode for daytime use.

Additional information:

System learns the conditions that the bike is being ridden over, constantly sampling the frequency, wavelength and direction of g signals; the thresholds for correct brake light triggering are then adjusted in real time to compensate for differing riding styles or road conditions – reducing the risk of false triggering.

Brake LED’s stay on for a short period after the bike has stopped braking – further enhancing the accuracy of the unit by ensuring that “flashing” is reduced if the braking level happens to be at more or less the same level as the brake trigger threshold level.

System monitors battery condition – if it becomes critically low and unit is in Mode 3, it automatically reverts to Mode 2 to increase the useful life of the remaining charge. Then if battery threshold falls further unit will revert to Mode 1, until finally enterring a low power flash mode to provide maxmimum endurance before recharging (note “home” mode is not a user selectable option).

If unit is plugged into a Lumicycle external battery pack the unit will also charge itself from this battery.

Can be charged from most computers via USB port, or from car power outlet charger (12V).

External indicators for internal battery charge state and charging mode. (Green for fully charged, yellow for charging).

Housings are made from extruded aluminium for the main body and machined aluminium for the end caps, rubber seals ensure unit remains watertight, switches and external charging port protected by rubber seals.

Variety of finishes available.

Designed to meet EU regulations for cycle lights.

Customers who have made a deposit for this pre-oder will be contacted before shipping to pay the remaining balance.

Please note delivery will be based on availability, strictly on a first come first served basis.

Instruction Manual:

You can access an electronic version of the InSight instruction manual by clicking here.