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2017 New!

For the last 20 years Lumicycle’s multi award winning lights have been synonymous with high performance, quality and workmanship at the cutting edge of cycle light technology. Into 2017 sees a further evolution of the entire product range as we continue to pursue our goal of delivering he best bike light system in the world.

External enhancements

For 2017 we maintain all of the enhanced features seen in the previous range – such as integral eyelid to reduce glare to the rider when leaning over the handlebars; but we have now added air flow "scallops" into the casework.

These features not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the light unit itself, but after careful thermal modelling of air flow passing over the light, these features also enhance the heat transfer from the case to the air outside – maintaining a lower average case temperature and therefore increasing the LED unit efficiency.

However the new caseworks also identify a brand new and exciting enhancement to the internal microprocessor driven LED drive system housed within each CNC machined and anodised aircraft grade aluminium case.

Internal enhancements

Each of the 2017 Lumicycle front light systems now incorporates our lumiDRV™ enhanced LED control board. This further enhances the performance of the lights in the following areas:

  1. Each LumiDRV™ enabled light unit contains a high power microprocessor and 2.4GHz RF system. Meaning that each light can be controlled "hands free" by our new dedicated handlebar RF switch (more on this later). However the LumiDRV™ system doesn’t just allow for one light to be controlled. After registration to the "network" multiple light units can be controlled simultaneously – so if you have two lights on your handlebar and one on your helmet, all lights will synchronise with each other and can be then controlled by a simple single button push without taking your hands from the handlebar – we feel this is a huge advance in safety and functionality.
  2. The super high power Arm® core based microprocessor also has dedicated hardware acceleration specifically designed to control LED components – it monitors the exact current and voltage being driven into the LED’s many times per second and adjusts the power being driven into the LED to very precise tolerances, ensuring that we always drive the LED’s at optimum levels, resulting in higher net light output and LED life.
  3. The greater accuracy offered in using the lumiDRV™ control system also means that we provide a 10% efficiency improvement across the entire light range – meaning that run times are increased.
  4. The lumiDRV™ system also monitors the temperature of the system every 0.1 seconds, if it detects that the system is running too hot (for example if light is in high mode but the cycle is stationary) it will automatically reduce the light output power until a safe threshold is reached. When the system detects that the casework has cooled (for example when you start riding again) the system will automatically increase the power of the LED light, further ensuring that the LED’s are not damaged by adverse thermal stress and increasing their reliability.
  5. Also included within the new control system is an enhanced battery monitoring system; this system will gradually limit the light output as it detects the battery level is reducing. The lumiDRV™ system will place the light into a low power flash mode when it detects a battery level remaining of around 5%; meaning that the rider has around 20-40 minutes of run time left in order to get home (depending on battery pack size) – no more light cut offs just when you need it. This feature can be overridden by the rider if need be by a simple push of the control button.

lumiDRV™ enabled lights are backwards compatible with all current Lumicycle Lithium Ion battery packs.

New Battery Packs for 2017

We have now utilised the latest Lithium Ion cells from Panasonic; meaning that our smallest battery pack moves from 2.6Ah to 3.1Ah whilst maintaining the same physical size and weight, and similarly our extender and bottle battery packs have seen an increase from 5.2Ah to 6.2Ah..increasing run times by at least 20%.

This means that a rider purchasing our 2017 front light and battery combined would expect at least 30% longer run times on any given light system and battery pack combination compared to the 2014 models.

New for 2017 – Wireless handlebar controller

Compatible with all lumiDRV™ enabled lights this small easily mounted switch system allows the rider to control the output of any number of lights registered with the "luminetwork" on the bike by one press of a button. No more fiddling to find a switch on the light on your helmet, or pressing multiple switches on the handlebar. The handlebar controller provides the rider with fingertip control for all of the lights on their bike simultaneously.

Each light can be overridden by the rider by selecting a different mode on the back of each individual light if required, but a single press of the controller button will bring all lights back into the same output power mode – especially useful for dipping the lights when being approached by a car, or placing them into boost mode for a gnarly descent where removing one hand from the bars could be very dangerous.

Performance Upgrades

LUMEN OUTPUT 150 400 1100 2200 3000 3500
POWER (WATT) 1 2.6 6.6 14.7 24.6 28.3
Enduro 3.1Ah RUNTIME (HR) 51.7 19.8 7.7 3.5 2 3 mins
Extender 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 102 40 15.4 7 4.1 3 mins
Bottle 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 102 40 15.4 7 4.1 3 mins
LUMEN OUTPUT 75 160 550 1100 1650 1650
POWER (WATT) 0.5 1 4.2 8.9 17.3 17.3
Enduro 3.1Ah RUNTIME (HR) 103.4 51.7 12.1 5.8 3 3 mins
Extender 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 204.6 102.3 24.2 11.4 6 3 mins
Bottle 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 204.6 102.3 24.2 11.4 6 3 mins
LUMEN OUTPUT 100 200 400 800 1120 1120
POWER (WATT) 0.7 1.5 3.5 7.8 14.3 14.3
Enduro 3.1Ah RUNTIME (HR) 73.7 34.1 14.3 6.6 3.6 3 mins
Extender 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 146.3 68.2 29.7 13.1 7.1 3 mins
Bottle 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 146.3 68.2 29.7 13.1 7.1 3 mins
LUMEN OUTPUT 75 150 300 600 850 850
POWER (WATT) 0.6 1.2 2.7 6 10.9 10.9
Enduro 3.1Ah RUNTIME (HR) 86 43 18.7 8.6 4.7 3 mins
Extender 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 170 86 37.4 17 9.3 3 mins
Bottle 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 170 86 37.4 17 9.3 3 mins


All of our light and battery units have been subjected to a wide range of environmental and shock tests. You can find examples of our more extreme tests on our website under the section "why buy lumicycle lights". We have even boiled a light in a kettle (we would not recommend this be replicated!) and frozen them in solid blocks of ice. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality, highest performance lights that have a lifetime that far exceeds the competition and the expectations of our customers.


All of our lights are designed and manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality components and materials, sourced wherever we can in the UK. Our 2017 range of lights is manufactured in Dorset.


Over the last 20 years Lumicycle has acquired an enviable reputation across the world for the highest quality illumination systems. Our 2017 range further demonstrates our commitment to design and deliver the highest performing product.

Our lighting systems are used by arctic explorers, top class competition riders and discerning amateurs alike. We have also produced lighting systems for many emergency services "first responder" bicycles in the UK and worldwide, and have supplied lighting systems for bomb disposal and other extreme locations.