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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

Tel: 0370 757 2229

About Us

If you want the very best you want from Lumicycle.

Lumicycle was started in 1997 to make nothing but the very best quality British high powered lights. Over the last 15 plus years we have had tens of thousands of delighted customers.

We make the very best products, have a really desirable brand, and the main thing is we take massive pride in what we do.

Our products are always innovative and use the best possible technology, engineering techniques and only the very best quality materials to make low volume, but extremely high quality products that are available worldwide. Our lights are really “for the long ride home” and a true testament to our skills here mean that our customers can truly rely on us no matter what the conditions are like.

We have won multiple awards for our products over the years from a technical point of view, but the best testimonials are the personal ones that we get. It is truly heart warming that our customers think so highly of our products and the service they receive from us.

In 2013 we moved operations to Segensworth in Hampshire, we often ride our Bikes around in the office, and everyone has a lot of fun and we are a company that definitely has a "Bright future". If ever you want us to make you a custom system just get in touch and we will see what we can do.