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Extender Carbon 6.8ah Li-Ion Bag Battery

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High Capacity 6.8 Amp Hour lightweight 14.8v Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Carbon Tube Battery. This 6.8 Amp/Hour battery comes with a single DC output connector in an outer case made from super strong carbon fibre and custom end caps. The end cap mounts are flexible enough to be mounted anywhere on your bike, and can cope with any frame cross section. Compatible with all of our lights and Li-Ion chargers.

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Additional Information

Lumicycle's 2020 Extender Carbon range offers outstanding performance in an incredibly small form factor. Housed in extremely durable lightweight carbon fibre tubing and assembled with custom UV stabilised, soft, flexible and extremely strong polymer end caps.

Extender Carbon 6.8ah Li-Ion batteries are likely to replace our original bag battery as the most popular option to power all of our light systems. The Carbon tube offers reduced physical size compared to the extender bag option, whilst allowing the battery to be mounted anywhere on the bike frame. The end caps are flexible to allow for any mount location, onto any frame shape or size. Soft polymer mounts minimise risk of frame damage, whilst the strong straps ensure that the battery doesn't move even under extreme riding conditions. The new Carbon battery is supplied with a single output DC lead, which can be added to with our range of Y connectors and extension leads to suit your light system requirement.


Extender battery weighs 420g.


155mm length, 52mm diameter.

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