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Extender 6.8ah Li-Ion Bag Battery two leads

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High Capacity 6.8 Amp Hour Ultra-lightweight 14.8v Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery. The 6.8 Amp Hour Extender Bag Battery is designed to fit under a frame cross tube. It comes with two leads 600mm each. Excess cable can be coiled into the bag.

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Additional Information

Lumicycle's 2018 Extender range offers outstanding performance 14.8 v Li-Ion batteries and provides a 10% increase in runtimes from the 2017 Extender Battery, moving up from 6.2A/h to 6.8A/h.

Extender 6.8ah Li-Ion bag battery two leads is the most popular battery option. This allows the powering of two front lamps or a front and a rear lamp. To power two front lights and an additional tail light a Y extension cable is needed. The battery can strap securely underneath the frame top tube or even on top of it it. With the two lead bag the cable lengths are 600mm giving enough cable to mount under a top tube, excess cable can be pushed back into the battery bag. For seat post mounting a single lead plus Y option is recommended.The battery can be charged through any of the leads.


Extender battery weighs 437g.


160mm length, 38mm width and 38mm height.

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