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Battery chargers

The function of the battery charger is to facilitate the operation of the battery. It puts electrical energy back into the battery in order that this can once again be stored as chemical energy ready for reconvertion into electricity. Naturally, the quality of the charger is central to the performance of the battery. At Lumicycle we know how important this is. That's why all our battery chargers are high-grade devices made in Norway and not Asia.

For our NiMH batteries we offer two types of charger - slow and fast. The slow charger is the more basic option. Charging takes 14-20 hours and the user is responsible for switching the unit off to ensure the battery is not overcharged. The slow charger is naturally the cheapest option. The fast charger forLumicycle NiMH batteries is the more sophisticated device. Charging takes 2-6 hours and the charger has its own intelligence system which detects when the battery has reached near-full charge and automatically switches to trickle charge mode to eliminate overcharging. Naturally, there is a higher cost involved in this higher-spec and more convenient option.

Lumicycle Li-Ion batteries are only available with fast chargers. These take 2-6 hours to charge the battery. As with the NiMH fast charger, these also have an internal intelligence system to ensure the correct charging of the battery. They first charge using a constant current and then switch to constant voltage towards the end of the charge. Our Li-Ion fast chargers are not compatible with NiMH batteries because Lithium and Nickel technologies require different charge algorythms and thus different charge devices.Lumicycle Li-Ion batteries are fitted with electronic circuitry that monitors battery activity and protects against overcharge, overdischarge, excessive current, overtemperature and short circuiting.