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Explorer 2013 Extender Pro Pack

Quick Overview

These elegantly designed and CNC milled Explorer cases have the same quality external look as other ranges of our lights although it features a complete internal redesign to house the latest generation of CREE LEDs. The new design significantly improves LED cooling, leading to better performance at lower speeds. 2014 Explorer available now, click here for more info.

This pair of lamp units is completely modular and compatible with all existing Lumicycle batteries and chargers. This hugely powerful twin 3 LED lamp system will produce up to 5400 Lumens on *smart boost. They use CREE XM-L LEDs to become an extremely bright pair of Lumicycle Lamps. The Explorer has more pronounced penetration and width beam wise than the Summit range, making it ideal for both straight tracks and gnarly single-track. It can also be used in city streets, urban environments and dark country lanes. These lamps are ideally suited to the rider who is looking for single off-road light that produces exceptional brightness with excellent width and length in the beam.

Our own team currently use these lights, as they are truly exceptional in every regard. They can run in a permanent boost mode of 4800 Lumens making them astonishingly bright or a 3-minute smart boost mode of 5400 Lumens.

This system comes with our extremely powerful 5.2 Ah Extender battery. This pack is designed to simply mount on a tubular part of your bike. If you would prefer a Bottle mounting system instead please see our Explorer Bottle Pack.

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Additional Information

As well as a brand new thermal design the Explorer features six easily selectable power modes including Flash and a special Smart Boost mode. Designed for 3-minute sprints the Smart Boost delivers maximum performance at high speed. The new lamp unit also features a sleep mode to minimise battery drain when left connected to the lamp unit. The new lamp also benefits from an up-rated LED driver capable of delivering high current with up to 95% maximum efficiency. Once again we have selected slightly warmer colour LEDs for a more natural light and better colour rendering at night. A Smart Indicator on the back of the lamp gives information about the Power mode setting of the lamp and the condition of the battery.

One of the beauties of the lamp is simple up/down toggle switching which allows the user to easily go up or down through the power modes without the need to cycle through unnecessary settings. Features:

  • Three Cree XM-L U2 2B LEDs.
  • Peak Intensity at 1m 12'000 Candelas
  • Max Illuminance 12’000 Lux
  • 20° Off Road Big Mid Beam ideal for singletrack.
  • 6500K – 7000K Colour temperature
  • Custom driver circuitry - 95% max efficiency
  • Six Power Modes: flash, low, mid, high, boost, timed 3 min smart boost.
  • Up and down positive non-cyclical switching.
  • Smart indicator featuring mode selection and dynamic fuel gauge.
  • Positive safe switching enabling selective up and down levels.
  • Hold switch to turn off so no accidental blackout.
  • Improved connectors.
  • Adjustable quick release bracket.
  • Compatible with all existing Lumicycle batteries and chargers.
  • Ideal size and performance for all off-road use.
  • Conceived, designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Synergy of quality components.

Our 14.8 v Li-Ion batteries come in two capacities our Enduro 2.6 Amp/h and our Extender 5.2 Amp/h. Our Lithium-Ion batteries packs are made using the very highest quality Panasonic or Sanyo cells. The battery pack is the heart of any bike light system and we have found using these cells produces battery packs that typically last between 5-7 years.

Extender battery comes with two 500mm leads which allows the powering of two front lamps or a front and a rear lamp. To power two front lights and an additional tail light a Y extension cable is needed.

Included in this pack is a separate wide optic that can replace one of the standard optics supplied, should you require a wider beam.

Product formally known as the LED3 XML.

Power Mode Smart Boost Perm Boost High Mid Low Flash
Lumens per unit 2700 2400 1700 900 400 150
Lux@1 Metre 12000 10600 7500 4000 1780 N/A
Power (Watts) 27 23 14 6 3 2
* Runtime Extender 3 mins 1.3 2.5 6 12 45

*Assumes both lights running continuously on the same power

Power Mode Smart Boost Perm Boost High Mid Low Flash
Lumens per unit 2700 2400 1700 900 400 150
Lux@1 Metre 12000 10600 7500 4000 1780 N/A
Power (Watts) 27 23 14 6 3 2
* Runtime Extender 3 mins 2.6 4.9 11 25 90

*Assumes that one light is running continually on the Extender Battery.

Brightness comparison to a Ferrari 458 Italia on Full Beam - (Use Slider to compare)

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