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*NEW* Apogee

Quick Overview

Our very latest range topping light, APOGEE is packed with useful features and an awesome maximum output power of 4500 Lumens!. Recommended by our own Mountain Bike racing team and extreme endurance off road cyclist Toni Lund if you want the confidence to shred a singletrack in the dead of night, look no further!

Most at home as a super high power off road light, it can also be used on road, but due to the high lumen output we would recommend that only lower output modes be used, and the light angled away from on coming traffic

Apogee shares all of the features of its other award winning stable mates; including RF connectivity, smart battery monitoring, smart light control, extended thermal management system, battery and light output mode indication, all housed in a machined from solid aircraft grade aluminium 2 tone anodised body

Brand new CREE XPL HI LED components coupled to a super efficient optic to provide immense beam penetration and width - ideal for even the most demanding of off road challenges

New to this light is the ability to turn the front "eyelid" section of the light, meaning you can mount the light above, below, or indeed horizontally on your bike, without compromising the function of the anti-glare eyelid itself, simply unscrew the four retaining bolts, twist the eyelid to the desired location and re assemble. Several of our customers have said that with on board GPS and logging computers (or even smart phones); the available space on the top of the handlebars is becoming limited, so this feature enables you to "under sling" the light if required if space is at a premium.

Key features of the APOGEE light head unit:

  • Perfect for demanding off road cyclists

  • 4500 Lumen maximum output in smart boost mode

  • Massive beam length and spread

  • Spectrum optimised light output

  • RF enabled to link into existing Lumicycle lights on your bike

  • 7 control modes, including daylight pulse strobe and 3 minute "smart boost"

  • Flexible mounting options - can be mounted above, below or indeed horizontally without compromising the anti glare eyelid performance

APOGEE is ideal as a single light unit for even the most extreme of off road adventures; and with its increased run times you can enjoy the ride for longer between charges.

Fully modular and compatible with all Lumicycle battery packs and accessories, and with the astounding 4500 Lumen output on Smart Boost, this is the ultimate in off road lighting performance

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Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the Apogee light only, it does not come with a battery or a charger. With our lights and batteries being modular, our existing customers have the option to use previously purchased batteries with this system.

Over a year in development to cram the highest possible output in the smallest possible form factor Apogee has been recommended by our own mountain bike racing team as well as super extreme endurance cyclist Toni Lund.

Apogee has a slightly larger body than our other lights, but still offers the same ruggedness you have come to expect from our light systems. Using the very latest CREE LED's with specialist optics to provide excellent beam penetration of up to 100m in front and 20m wide with no "hotspot". Building on our knowledge of the spectrum output from the LED units, we have enhanced the "green" element of the light; meaning that branches, leaves and pretty much anything in front of you will be seen in greater detail compared to "standard" LED units. Apogee utilises a revised version of our LUMIDRV4 control platform to provide exceptional efficiency - the on board ARM processor constantly monitors the LED's, minutely adjusting current delivery to ensure that they are always running at maximum efficiency, resulting in very long component life and optimised run times.

7 Control modes, accessed easily by the military grade toggle switch mounted on the rear of the unit, including a daylight "pulse" strobe and 3 minute "Smart Boost" mode for when you really want to turn night into day

Revised side facing illumination design for enhanced safety when crossing junctions, or indeed other cyclists when off road!

LUMIDRV4 also offers an emergency "get you home" mode, that automatically switches the light into the lowest output strobe mode when it detects the battery is running flat, this can extend your ride time by several hours, on that occasion when you are left a few miles from home with a flat battery.

One of the beauties of the lamp is simple, rugged up/down toggle switch that allows the user to easily (even with heavy gloves) go up or down through the power modes without the need to cycle through unnecessary settings.


  • FOUR CREE XPL HI High Luminous intensity LED's with optimised colour spectrum.
  • Up to 4500 Lumen output power (Smart Boost mode).
  • ARM Core processor with RF capability.
  • 20° Off Road Mid Beam ideal for singletrack.(Option flood beam available)
  • RF enabled control circuit allowing a "network" of lights to be set up on your bike - a single press of one switch will control all lights
  • 6500K – 7000K Colour temperature, special CREE LED
  • Custom driver circuitry - 95% max efficiency
  • Seven Power Modes: Flash1 (extreme low power), Flash2 (daylight pulse strobe), Low, Mid, High, Boost, timed 3 min smart boost (max output).
  • Up and down positive non-cyclical switching.
  • Smart indicator featuring mode selection and dynamic fuel gauge.
  • Positive safe switching enabling selective up and down levels.
  • Improved thermal management software.
  • Automatic emergency "get home mode" to extend battery run time at extreme low charge.
  • Hold switch to turn off so no accidental blackout.
  • Adjustable quick release bracket.
  • Compatible with all existing Lumicycle batteries and chargers.
  • Ideal size and performance for all off-road use.
  • Conceived, designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Synergy of quality components.

Our 14.8 v Li-Ion batteries come in two capacities our Enduro 3.4 Amp/h and our Extender 6.8 Amp/h. Although due to the power consumption of this light we would recommend that it be used with the larger of the two (6.8Ah capacity), it is of course compatible with the smaller packs as well. Our Lithium-Ion batteries packs are made using the very highest quality Panasonic/Sanyo cells. The battery pack is the heart of any bike light system and we have found using these cells results in battery packs that typically last between 5-7 years when used and stored correctly.

LUMEN OUTPUT 130 200/600 400 720 1860 3650 4500
POWER (WATT) 0.58 1.8 1.63 3.2 16.6 32.8 39.7
Enduro 3.4Ah RUNTIME (HR) 80.8 29.6 31.8 19.2 4.4 2.7 3 mins (resettable)
Extender 6.8Ah RUNTIME (HR) 161.5 59.2 63.6 38.5 8.8 5.4 3 mins (resettable)
Bottle 6.8Ah (2018) RUNTIME (HR) 161.5 59.2 63.6 38.5 8.8 5.4 3 mins (resettable)

Note the run time estimates are calculated based on fully charged batteries with the light in single continuous mode, and the use of the automatic battery saving mode; depending on mix of actual power level selected, ambient temperature, battery age and charge state of battery these times may reduce in real life and are intended for a guide only.

Instruction Manual:

You can access an electronic version of the instruction manual by clicking here and the RF network setup and operating guide by clicking here.


Lamp with Q/R bracket weighs 195g.

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