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Bicycle Light NiMH Battery Care and Maintenance

Can I interchange NiMH and Li-Ion batteries on my Lumicycle system?

Yes but you must use the correct charger. NiMH and Li-Ion batteries have different charge algorithms and thus require different charging devices.

Can I use my NiMH charger for the new Li-Ion batteries?

No. You will need to buy a Li-Ion specific charger.

Do I need to charge my NiMH battery if I am using it for the first time?

Yes. We recommend a 24 hour initial charge for both fast and standard chargers.

What is the life-span of my NiMH battery?

You can expect the service life of your NiMH battery to be approx. 300 charge-discharge cycles. For most riders this equates to about 3 years use. The service life means up to the point when the battery has 80% of its original capacity and is then ready for replacement.

How often can I recharge my NiMH battery?

NiMH batteries do not suffer from the so called ?memory effect?. You can recharge them as often as you like from any state of capacity.

How long does it take to charge my NiMH battery?

Of course, this depends on how much charge is in the battery. It also depends upon which type of charger you are using. Assuming a near empty battery, the fast charger will charge the battery to 95% capacity in approximately 4 hours. It will take the standard charger approximately 16-20 hours to do this.

It is good for your battery to be occasionally charged for 24 hours to ensure that all cells are topped up fully. You should perform this maintenance every 60-90 days.

I use my Lumicycle light system for an hour every day. Is it better to charge it every day or wait 3-4 days and give it a full charge?

You can charge it often 2-3 months you should run almost fully discharge your battery and then recharge it fully. This maintenance will maximise its lifespan.

Discharging (running the light system)

Can I completely drain my NiMH battery before recharging?

We don?t recommend completely draining NiMH batteries. You will know when your battery is low because the lights will begin to dim. At this point, it is best to turn them off and recharge them.

How big is the loss of capacity to my NiMH battery at low temperatures?

NiMH batteries operate between -20 and + 60 degrees centigrade. However, performance does diminish below freezing.


How do I store my NiMH battery during the off-season when it is not being used and what is the rate of self-discharge?

NiMH batteries should be stored in a cool place when not in use for extended periods. During this time, they should be charged every 60-90 days to counter the self-discharge rate which is approximately 30% per month. The first time you use your lighting system again after this period there are some important instructions. The battery should be (1) fully charged and then (2) only partially discharged (50-75%) before it is again (3) fully charged. After this it can be used normally. This maintenance regime ensures that any 'sleepy' cells are fully re-activated and thus ensures the continuing performance of your battery.