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Halide Bicycle Light Care and Maintenance

Is it OK to turn my Halide system on and off frequently?

We don’t recommend this. This is because Metal Halide lamps utilise a ballast in order to generate the strike necessary to switch the light on. The life-span of the lamp is thus affected by the amount of times it is switched on and off.

Is it OK to operate my Metal Halide lamp when I am stationary?

Although we do not recommend frequently turning your Metal Halide lamp on and off, we do suggest that you do not operate it for extended periods while stationary. This is because there is no wind cooling effect and excessive heat could affect the performance of the lamp.

How do I change a lamp in my Metal Halide system?

Unlike some of our competitors,Lumicycle Halide systems are designed to be field maintainable. To change your Metal Halide lamp first you must switch the unit off and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Then simply unscrew the front section, carefully pull the old lamp out of its housing and replace it with the new one.

Why does the Metal Halide lamp emit a bluish beam?

It is entirely normal for Metal Halide lamps to emit a bluish coloured beam. This is due to their colour temperature.