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Halogen Bicycle Lights Care and Maintenance

Who actually manufactures the lamps used in Lumicycle systems?

Lumicycle prides itself on the quality of the components used in its lighting systems. Our Halogen lamps are manufactured by market leaders General Electric, Osram and Phillips. Our Metal Halide lamps are manufactured by Welch Allyn, the only company to have miniaturised this advanced technology.

Is it OK to operate my Halogen lamp when I am stationary and there is no wind cooling effect?

It is OK to operate 5, 10 and 12w Halogen lamps when stationary and there is no wind cooling effect. For the 20w we don?t recommend doing this for any longer than 5 minutes. We strongly suggest that you do not operate the 35w Halogen lamp at all when stationary. It can reach 250 degrees centigrade!

How do I change a lamp in my Halogen system?

Lumicycle Halogen lamps are designed to be field maintainable. To change your lamp first you must switch the unit off and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Then simply unscrew the front section, carefully pull the old lamp out of its housing and replace it with the new one.

What does it mean when there is white powder building up inside my Halogen lamp?

This phenomenon is a normal sign of the lamp ageing. It results from the atmospheric degradation of the cement holding the lamp into the reflector. If this occurs within warranty then Lumicycle will replace the lamp. If it occurs outside of the warranty then you will need to pay for a replacement lamp.