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Upgrading a system

I already own a Lumicycle lighting system and I want to upgrade it.

Upgrading from Halogen to Metal Halide lamp technology

Many Lumicycle customers are choosing to upgrade to the higher performance Metal Halide lighting system. It is possible to make this upgrade and continue to use your existing Lumicycle battery.

Upgrading from NiMH to Li-Ion battery technology

Many of our customers are also choosing to upgrade form NiMH battery technology to Li-Ion. This is because the Li-Ions weigh less and are smaller. They also increase the performance of higher wattage (over 12w) Halogen lamps and Metal Halide lamps. Users upgrading to Li-Ion must remember that they will also need to upgrade the battery charger. This is because NiMH and Li-Ion batteries have different charge algorithms and thus require different charge devices.

Upgrading from a standard to a fast charger for NiMH batteries

This is a good option for many riders. It allows users more flexibility in their riding strategy and also maximises the life span of the battery.

Upgrading from zip ties to quick release as the method of mounting the lights

Quick release ties can be retrofitted onto Lumicycle Halogen lamp units. Zip ties cannot be fitted onto Metal Halide lamp units.