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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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Which are the best bicycle lights?

Which type of lamp technology ? Halogen or Metal Halide?

Lumicycle uses two different types of lamp technology in its lighting systems. These are Halogen and Metal Halide. The main advantage of Metal Halide lamps is their increased efficiency over Halogen types. What this means is that a 10 w Halide lamp will give out the equivalent light produced by a 40 w Halogen lamp. If your riding demands that level of light, we recommend that you use Metal Halide lamps as more and more of our customers are doing. However, the range of Lumicycle Halogen lamps still satisfies many riders? needs and that is why we supply both options. The other main difference between Halogen and Metal Halide technologies lies in the colour temperature of the lamps. The Metal Halide light source is closer to natural daylight than the Halogen.

Which level wattage of lamp?

Higher wattage lamps give off more light. Obviously, a brighter lamp is desirable but brightness comes at the cost of run time. A higher wattage lamp uses more energy and hence runs for a shorter period of time.

Also, the wattage of the lamp will affect the battery choice. Any Halogen lamp over 12w will perform better with the Li-Ion battery. This is because Li-Ion batteries maintain an even voltage during high current discharge.