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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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Which bike light system is best for me?

I want to buy a Lumicycle lighting system. Which one is right for me?

Which beam pattern?

Lumicycle halogen lamp units are available in three different types of beam pattern ? spot, mid and flood. The suitability of these depends upon rider profiles. We recommend spot beams for road use. This is because riders generally travel faster on the road and need to see further ahead.

For off-road use, Lumicycle recommends a mixture of spot and flood beams. The ideal combination is the 12w spot lamp with the 20w flood. Most of the riding is done on the spot and the flood can be used for technical sections or windy trails in woods. If only one lamp is being used, then a mid-beam may be the best off-road option.

Mid-beam pattern lamps are also ideal for riders using country lanes where more side illumination is required than for city roads. We generally do not recommend flood beams for road use because the beam will cover both lanes of the carriageway and could be hazardous to oncoming drivers. However, floods are sometimes appropriate in major urban areas with slow moving traffic where as much light as possible is necessary for riders to be seen.

Lumicycle systems are designed to be versatile. It is quite easy to change lamps over in the lamp units. You can buy a spare lamp as a back up or to add longer run time or give higher power output. The lamps can be changed in seconds.

Lumicycle Halide lamps are only available in two beam patterns ? spot and flood. We recommend using the spot beam on the road and the flood beam for off-road riding only. Halide lamps provide outstanding run times with superior light, however they are significantly more expensive.