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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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Which Bicycle Lights?

With the ability to custom build your own performance bike light system, be it Halide, Halogen or LED, Lumicycle offers adaptability and performance.

Buying a system is an essential step in getting that 'perfect' night ride experience, and needs careful consideration. With the vast range of Halide, Halogen and LED lamps available at Lumicycle, we recommend all our customers to consider what they will need the lamps for.

For example; Admin uses his bicycle primarily for travel in the Bournemouth area, he needs all round visibility so that the enthusiastic BMW drivers don't run him down. He needs to be seen, but also needs to have sufficient road illumination. With these in mind he can then choose a system that matches his needs.

Admin therefore chose a 12 Watt Spot, with Glow Ring, a rear LED light and a two lead Li-Ion Bag battery. A little over the top, generally the 12 Watt is a little bright for road use, but Admin justified it for his Snatch-N-Grab tactics for grannies. Apparently.

We hope that this FAQ section will assist in answering your questions about buying a system, as ever we are always eager to help so if you have any more questions please contact us.