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Which charger for my bike light battery?

Chargers are important. They facilitate the operation of the battery and hence the whole lighting system. The quality of the charger is central to the performance of the battery. At Lumicycle we know how important this is. That’s why all our battery chargers are high-grade devices made in Norway and not Asia.

Lumicycle NiMH batteries are available with two types of charger – slow and fast. The trade off here is principally between cost and convenience. The slow charger is cheaper but takes 14-16 hours to charge the battery. The fast charger costs more and takes 2-4 hours to recharge the battery. This allows users more flexibility when planning their rides. The fast charger also has a built-in intelligence system which detects when the battery has reached near-full charge and automatically switches to trickle charge mode to eliminate overcharging. This helps prolong the life of the battery and makes recharging the battery easier.

Lumicycle Li-Ion batteries are only available with fast chargers.