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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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It is always nice to remember your roots, for a lot of our customers here is a trip back down memory lane. Funny thing is a lot of people still use these old systems even today as they have proved so reliable and lasted the test of time.

Sleak white blue Light
Watch that Halide burn
Added: 28 August 2005
Look Daddy Technicolour
Lights to match your Frame
Added: 28 August 2005
Sleak and Powerful
Looks Like Thunderbirds are Go
Added: 28 August 2005
Cool Blue White Light
My Eyes. I'm Blinded
Added: 28 August 2005
Silver and Sleek
My Van, My Bike, My Lights.
Added: 29 August 2005
Our Test Rig with the Best Coloured Lamps around.
Sky Blue Cans
Added: 29 August 2005
One word. Wow.
Let Jaws Drop at the Rig of the Year
Added: 29 August 2005
Blimey Mate isn't that a bit Over Kill?
Jaws Drop at the Rig of the Year 2
Added: 28 August 2005
Blinding every living thing, while you read your speedo
Jaws Drop at the Rig of the Year 3
Added: 29 August 2005
And Black too.
Red ones go faster. Honestly.
Added: 05 September 2005