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Lumicycle Bike Lights - Grip Nut Installation Guide

If all this proves very frustrating return your lamps to us with £2.00 to cover the postage and we will do it for you.

All Lumicycle bike lights are now fitted as standard with grip nuts. Grip nuts prevent Lumicycle leads from falling out of the socket on the lights while riding. They provide a secure connection to your bicycle lights. This is a guide on how to install a Grip Nut on older Lumicycle units which have the silver nut on the back. You can obtain Grip Nuts from Lumicycle call us on +44 (0)870 490 0000 or we can install it for you. Just send the units back with £2.00 to cover the postage.

Please note there is a difference between Halogen and Halide Grip Nuts. Please specify which kind of lamp you have.

Recommended Tools.
Serrated Pliars
Needle-nosed Pliars
10mm Socket Wrench
Some old cloth

Installing Grip Nut.
1. Taking your unit remove the front ring that holds the lamp in place

2. Take the lamp out, you will now be able to see inside the lamp unit. There are three wires, you want to focus on the three-pronged black and silver socket. 3. Using your serrated pliars grip the socket.
4. Apply 10mm socket wrench to exterior nut, and remove. As you will discover maintaining grip and removing the outside nut can be quite a frustrating art. The nut is sometimes assembled with a locking agent and so may prove difficult to remove. You can use cloth between the wrench and nut to prevent scratching. 5. Remove socket from the can and discard the white plastic o-ring.
6. Replace the socket from whence it came, carefully checking that the socket pin which does not have a wire attatched is pointing towards the top of the can, (opposite direction to clinch nut where bracket attaches). 7. Grip once more the socket from within can with the serrated pliars.
8. Preferably using needle-nosed pliars and some cloth, to prevent scratching, tighten the grip-nut to ensure a good seal. And there you have it a light pod with a very secure lead.