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Halogen Bike Light Customer Review

Halogen Bike Light Review - From the horse's mouth

Lumicycle received this e-mail feedback and we thought it was worth post. Good reading!

Dear Sirs

Having recently purchased the 12v and 20v halogen lights with the endurance battery, I would just like to say that the lights have an impressive beam and the product is of a high quality and standard that in my experiance is missing from other supplers in your business

In fact on more than one occassion I have been nearly pulled over by the police as it would seem that at night I could easily be riding a motorbike rather than a downhill bike and the officers wanted to take a closer look!

I have found that car drivers now give me a wide berth and a lot more respect ! other cyclists are lit up like christmas tree lights even way out in the distance by the halogen lights, and I have clearly made quite an impression on oncoming road users and pedestrians alike!

The lights work particulary well off road, so well in fact that if any other person crosses my path I have to switch off one of the lights to prevent them from being complety blinded by the halogen beam

In the short time that I have been using the lights, I have had one amusing incidence whereby a passing metro's (with a broken front light) driver leaned out while passiing shouting at me to dip my lights on a dark country road late at night

I dont think he realised I was only riding a downhil bike at the time due to the powerful beam from the twin spots !

more importantly the service is excellent and your website is user friendly and easy to navigate, im sure that your business will quickly grow once more people become aware of the excellent product that you supply, especially compared with the poor standard of the exisiting competition in general

All the best