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Head and Helmet Kits

Single Helmet Kit Assembly


A.There are three holes in the Helmet Plate, 1 is located on the side of the upright bracket. 2 is located at the base of the upright bracket on the plate with foam beneath. 3 is located on the same plate at the other side.

B.Taking one of the straps ensuring that the cam-lock buckle is facing with the lever upwards and that there are no twists in the strap. Pass the strap through hole 1 found on the upright bracket.

C.Pass the same strap straight down through hole 2 and pull the remaining cord through.

D.Take the second strap, again ensuring that the cam-lock buckle is facing with the lever upwards and that there are no twists. Pass the strap through hole 3, pulling the remaining strap though.

E.Place the Helmet Plate on your helmet, position it so that it is slightly off centre, to ensure that your lamp will be central.

F.Pass one of the straps through the air vents returning out another. Turning the cam-lock buckle over you will see a slit. Pass the untwisted strap through this slit. Open the cam lock and pass it through underneath the lever.

G.Pull tight

H.Repeat steps F and G for the second strap on the opposite side. The tighten both straps to securely attach the Helmet Plate to your helmet. At this point you will need to adjust the Helmet Plate so that the lamp when mounted will be central.

I.Taking your lamp unit and a screwdriver, unscrew the bolt holding the bracket.

J.For Halide lamps only, keep the dish-washer which is between the bracket and the lamp unit and incorporate it into the next step, remembering to keep the curved surface against the lamp unit itself.

K.Taking the Wing Nut attach the lamp unit to the side with the white washer. Making sure that the lamp is firmly secured.

L.Position the lamp unit to provide optimum visibility. One can do this while riding to get the perfect position of light.

M.Plug the extension cable into the back of the unit and trace the wire straight back over your helmet.

N.Taking your Zip Tie find an appropriate place at the back of the helmet to secure the cable. As in the picture make a loop with the cable, pass the Zip Tie through the loop and secure. This practice will ensure that should the cable be snagged, it will not remove the plug from the lamp unit socket.

O.To crop any remaining straps one may either tuck them inside the helmet or taking some scissors cut the outstanding strap. Please be careful not to cut too much off as this may cause problems for the future.

P.Taking a lighter or a small source of flame, pass along the cut edge to prevent fraying. WARNING: Do not need to apply flame for long periods of time. Please be careful.