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Andy Heading

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Andy Heading

Lumicycle bike lights sponsors extreme cyclists such as Andy Heading. Sponsoring such atheletes in their field with high performance and reliable bicycle lights.


Name: Andy Heading

Age: 41

Occupation: Photographer

Team: Marin/ATB Sales

Best Result: 1st - Iditasport Impossible race across Alaska 2001

I started cycling early, inspired by parents' exploits on 3-speed sit-up-and-beg Raleighs! Cycled across Sahara to Burkina Faso in '86, and - with brother Steve - bought first MTBs soon afterwards. Trips across the Pyrenees, Atlas Mountains, Simien Mtns of Ethiopia followed, and a first venture into Alaskan winter riding in 1998.

In '01, became first European to win the 1,100-mile Iditasport Impossible; in '02 finished 2nd, becoming the first person ever to complete the race's northern and southern routes human-powered. Also ride Polaris, trailquest and the UK's ever-popular 12 and 24-hour races, usually in a team with brother Steve and Matlock riding mates Alan Sheldon and Aidan Leheup. Am lucky to live on the outskirts of Matlock, Derbyshire, which must have the UK's best mix of MTB terrain right on the doorstep...


Polaris and trailquest - category wins
Iditasport - 1st (2001) and 2nd (2002) Iditasport Impossible; twice
finisher Iditasport Extreme
Yukon Arctic Ultra - 2nd (2005), 328-mile foot race.
SITS 2002 - winner, Pairs category (with Alan Sheldon).
SITS, SSMM, D2D - top 3 placings
and, more importantly (guess what the prize is?) - member of the 2001-2005 winning team at the Edale Beer Barrel Race!!!