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James Leavesley

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James Leavesley

Bike lights sponsorship for such people as James Leavesley is not easily come by. Sponsoring the best athletes in their field Lumicycle is proud to sponsor this up-coming star with the best bicycle lights.


Name: James Leavesley
Age: 25
Occupation: HR Software Sales
Team: Extreme Endurance
Best Result: 2nd Strathpuffer 24 Solo Men’s 2006


Cycling, as a sport, began for me when I was 18. Initially I started with touring, riding to Italy and later across the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert.

In 2002 I was invited to ride in the Red Bull 24hr Mountain Mayhem race held in the Sandwell Valley. The race was my first attempt at mountain bike racing; the exhilaration was incredible, especially at night.

James at Strathpuffer 24

In 2003 I entered the solo class at the Sleepless in the Saddle race and finished 5th, much to my surprise. Upon realizing I excelled at endurance racing I pursued it. In 2005 I became a privileged member of Team Extreme Endurance and have been racing with them ever since.

2nd Strathpuffer 24 Solo Mens 2006
3rd National 6 Hour Enduro Series (Open Class) 2005
5th Mountain Mayhem 24 Hour 2005
3rd Sleepless in the Saddle Solo Men 2004
5th Sleepless in the Saddle Solo Mens 2003