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Li-Ion Systems

Instructions for Li-Ion battery Systems Your new Lumicycle 2008 System with Li-Ion battery is a handmade quality product that should give you many years of service. To obtain the best results the following advice is given.

Unplug Lamps when not in use! Accidental switch on of the lights will end in disaster for your lights and could result in your rucksack, garage, house or vehicle catching fire.
Halogen Lamp Units Do not run 20 or 35 Watt Halogen Lamp units when stationary.
Only use 35 Watt Halogens for short high speed bursts.
If using zip ties then place the rubber strip through the cradle bracket first and then the zip tie, so the rubber sits next to the handlebars.
Halide Lamp Units Limit the number of switch on/offs. Striking the lamp degrades it more quickly than leaving it running. Allow 5-10 seconds before re-striking Lamp. Keep stationary run-time to a minimum.
Li-Ion Battery Care For best battery life charge the battery often and try to avoid repeated deep discharges. It is better to charge the battery every day after use than to wait until the end of the week. Keep the battery in a cool environment. The battery can be charged from either/ any lead. Bottle batteries have excess cable coiled in the bottle. You can tuck excess cable into your battery bag. Li-Ion bag battery-The PCB (Printed circuit board) in Li-Ion bag batteries must not be pressed up against the frame. The batttery inside the bag is fitted with an orientation label to show which side of the battery to keep away from the frame.
Li-Ion Battery Storage Store the the battery in a cool place (in the fridge is great....not the freezer!).
For best battery life store the battery at around 50% of charge.
To revitalize your battery after storage: charge fully. Use ½-¾ of battery. Fully recharge again. Your Li-Ion Battery is now ready to go!
Charging Disconnect the charger from the mains when not in use.
Do not use charger outside or in damp conditions.
Do not operate charger if dropped or damaged in any way.
RED LED indicates Fast Charge or Top Off Charge.
The GREEN LED indicates that full charge has been reached. No more charging will take place until the battery is discharged and re-plugged into the charger.
The battery can be charged from any lead.


Mechanical Parts, Batteries and Chargers have a 1 year return to base warranty against faulty parts or workmanship. Halogen or Halide Lamps have a 6 month warranty. The warranty does not cover any damage which results from accident, abuse, misuse, natural or personal disaster or any unauthorised disassembly, repair or modification. Nor will Lumicycle(UK) be responsible for any consequential loss arising from failure or malfunction of product.