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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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Lumicycle Bike Light Instructions

Lumicycle products, such as its Halide, Halogen and LED bike light systems, all come with instructions that are integral to long-term use. Users must take careful stock of what is written in the instructions, as they are designed to help, inform and prevent any accidents.

This is what happens when you don't read the instructions

Admin: I learnt about this the hard way, having not thoroughly read the instructions I came to work on friday 25th November, with my lights in my bag. At the end of the day I went to grab my bag to go home. I was in for a difficult lesson, as when I opened my bag to discover the 12 Watt lamp switched on and a stench of burnt plastic issued forth. You can have a look at the results. You've been warned,read the instructions!

What you see here is how the QR bracket melted onto the 12w spot lamp, you can just see the remnants of the socket, and the damage done to my nice Li-Ion Battery.

Here you can see where the heat scolded through my rucksac creating the nice "poo-stain" on the Lumicycle "Comfy-Seat-For-Visitors".

One thing these pictures really demonstrate, is that Lumicycle lights don't mess around. These are seriously bright lights, which get seriously hot! Take it from me, when you're not using your lights don't have the lights plugged in. Please don't let children mess around with them either.