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Lumicycle lights at Clic24

07 June 2006

Bike lights light up the night at the UK's only 24 hour charity mountain bike endurance event

Our bike lights saw, one of the UK's premier night rides of the year, Clic24. Supporting yet another big name endurance event, this year saw Lumicycle offering, charging stations, loan kits, on-site repairs and much more.

Clic24 2006, for our fourth time, has been an awesome success. The event itself raised in excess of £40,000 for CLIC Sargent, a charity caring for children with cancer. The event is not a race, rather a fund-raising event. Since its inception in 2002, it has grown from strength to strength. Clic24 gained a reputation of challenge, accompanied with a laid back spirit. Well over half the entrants were teams. If you had keen eyes you could see some big names on the track in preparation for this years upcoming races.

Clic24 has an awesome atmosphere and we recommend it to everyone. Not only do you get a taste for name endurance racing, but you also raise money for a good cause. You'll need some lights though. Here are some snaps we caught of our Halogen (left) and Halide (right) lights on this years race.

... and lastly for those that think it would be too hard, or not worth to try next year. We noticed this gem on the results board* (see foot note)

*Foot note: Steve Young is our boss!! Good job Steve! Round of applause...