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Lumicycle Performance Bike Lights - Urban Test

05 December 2005

After a thoroughly wet experience of photography I was highly amused and quite impressed by the shots we got. Some of the images are quite poor, this is due to the fact that some of them were taken from video footage we shot on the camera. Admin is currently working to get these videos online, as they are quite impressive and amusing. Definatly ameteurish! Enjoy.

We were shooting our the Halide Flood, 5 Watt Halogen Flood (a commuter favourite), my 12 Watt Spot and we caught a commuter with non-Lumicycle lights. Unfortunatly, the weather got even worse before we could shoot the 1 Watt LED lights, but I had the chance to test the 1 Watt Spot over the weekend and the Flood the weekend beforehand. My review of the lights is coming however I will quickly give a quick overview. Spot, is a narrow angle beam, very little light to the sides. Flood, is a very wide angle beam, lots of light every where, recommended for commuters. The light produced is I would say similar to the 5 Watt Halogen but in highly noticable Blue-White.

Lumicycle is interested in encouraging either existing customers, or locals to help us with our Urban Test. We'll be doing a comprehensive photo session with all our lights. Many hands make light work. At some point in the not too distant future the Lumicycle-Crew will be doing a Track Test on the Purbecks, times and dates arenot yet set. If you are interested in participating in either the Urban Test or joining us on the Track Test (when we organize it) drop us an e-mail. If you do have any snaps them send them in. we reward good photos with photons (reward points that go towards future purchases). See our Incentives page on the top bar for more info.

My EYES!! The Halide Flood

Halide from the side

12 Watt Spot third light in from the left. Looks like a headlight!

12 Watt Spot infront of the junction. Glow ring doing marvels.

5 Watt approaching a Junction

5 Watt infront of junction, with gentleman running for cover behind

Some star with "someone elses lights". Can you see it?

Road Pizza Mix; One Commuter, One Bicycle and no Lumicycle lights.

No helmet for that matter! Always wear a helmet, yes they can look as trendy as a bright pink and puke green spandex track-suit (one can go buy very snazzy ones, adding a lumicycle helmet kit of course), yes they can be as uncomfortable as sandpaper underwear (again one can remedy that), but it might just be the difference between plastic across the road with a bruise and your brains across the road... Admin doesn't wear one, but then again he doesn't have much brains to loose, PLEASE WEAR A HELMET! (plus the ones with a peak keep the rain out of your eyes...)

Other news, The new Lumicycle Catalogue is out.SCOOP! The Area 52-and-a-half R&D facility watch brings reports of increase secret activity, who knows it could be a UFO, Unidentified Flourescent Object, like never seen before (mainly because one has been blinded... Shoot! Not again!).