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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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Lumicycle - performance LED bike lights

Introducing Lumicycles new LED range

An LED Spot with Glow Ring on an Elite battery. Gives you an idea of the light colour and visibility.

There was a sigh of relief from the Lumicycle production crew when their chastisement of the web-administrator finally paid off in getting him to work on publishing their coveted LED system on the web. What can I say? Speaking for myself, I ride around on the roads here with a 12 Watt Spot, the light is awesome, and you get the "that’s a slow moving Motorbike with full-beam on" reaction from drivers which have pulled over to let me by quite regularly. Which of course is a source of constant amusement, but I have slowly come to the realization that commuters in cities are more and more using LED lights, all of which seem quite weak. One dark morning I was cycling on my usual morning routine, when I was bedazzled by a cyclist coming down Richmond Hill in Bournemouth, like a deer in headlights, I swerved only to hear the familiar voice of Ludo one of the Lumicycle crew. The two lights he was using were a 6 degree Halide and the new LED system. I am impressed, but that’s a little testimony from an insider.

This new addition really bolsters the Lumicycle range, supplying outstanding run-times and when coupled with a glow ring, you can see the results. This light is the solution for long distance commutes, or returning from a wearing Single-track outing. Even if your battery is on its last legs, the new LED light draws a mere 1 Watt of power. Which means, running 1 LED light; you would get around 25 hours on an Elite, 50 hours on a Pro and a whopping 75 hours on an Endurance Battery! I take my hat off to anyone who cycles for 75 hours straight, now that’s what I call Endurance!

The system, as Ludo so excellently demonstrated, is the perfect long-ride solution, coupled with another lamp provides everything an enthusiast needs. I may just add here that coupled with the Halide lamp, you have the ultimate long-ride solution with an all-round blue-white light, outstanding. Cheers Ludo! I just wish I had a camera on me...

Lumicycle LED lights.