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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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Lumicycle - Working on battery light

Lumicycle works on Battery Light!

The major fire in Bournemouth captured here by our boss! The fire at a local scrap yard caused overhead power lines to snap.

It has been a frustrating week in the office as we try to resolve the current communications problem. As you may or may not be aware Lumicycle is currently undergoing an overhaul in our systems, this coupled with a storm of orders, a serious black-out thanks to a major fire at a scrap yard and now the latest development, telephone line failure.

This malady has really kicked off since a major fire in the area brought down power cables on houses, causing a region wide black-out, subsequently getting things up and running has been a trying experience. We would like to offer our heartfelt apologies for our disrupted service, on the web and on the phones, we are trying to resolve the situation with BT as soon as possible. It is a constant source of consolation to know that you as customers are able to understand, pulling out our hair we may be. We would also like to offer our gratitude to the bravery and response of the emergency services who put their lives on the line (some would say literally here, as power lines were laid on the ground sparking away with firemen fending off those who wanted to try their luck!) and have so swiftly assisted in getting power up again.

Updates on the situation will be posted as they come, the phone lines are intermittent so please try all the same, we are still despatching our orders within one to two days, don't worry about that. Have a great day and smile the sun is shining (you just might not be able to see it).