Erlestoke 12 Race Report

26th May 2012

Spam biking had promised an excellent course & they didn't disappoint, the 2012 course provided a mix of tough digs & climbs followed by truly awesome singletrack. With the sun scorching and temperature knocking on 30 degrees the next 12 hours were going to be tough. The start was furious and the dry weather had made the course super fast and fun.

Lutterworth Cycles & Pedal Pursuits were riding well and only a matter of minutes separated the top 3. After approximately 6 hours the tables turned, the top 3 teams started to separate leaving Team Lumicycle in first place with Lutterworth Cycles & Pedal Pursuits fighting for 2nd. As usual Team Lumicycle were pleased to see the onset of dusk, with the cooler evening temperatures and 3000 lumens of XPG lights penetrating the forest maintaining 1st was the objective.

Midnight approached quickly and the race was concluded, Team Lumicycle rode to victory followed by Pedal Pursuits in second & Lutterwoth Cycle Centre in third.

A superb race, awesome course and fantastic camaraderie (not forgetting super bright lights!)