After humble beginnings in the shed at the bottom of the garden, Lumicycle has reached its tenth birthday. Having won many awards over the years for the now famous Halogen and Halide systems, Lumicycle enters the tenth year with yet another new technology. Based on the south coast of the UK, Lumicycle continues to grow but still remains true to its original spirit, that of producing good quality lights at a low cost and with the best after sales service. Steve continues to be innovative, Jon manages the repairs and sales enquiries. Alan sorts and tidies away all their paperwork and occasionally helps with the sales. For the past two years we have had international help in the form of Ramatu a young intelligent women from Ghana who became the fountain of all lumicycle knowledge, Michal a hard working, intellectual from Poland who became a good friend to all and Ludo from France who was just so typically french. Others, too many to mention here have also contributed to the success of the company over the past ten years. And of course a big thank you must go to all our customers who have stuck with us and believed in our products. Happy Birthday.