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NiMH Systems

Instructions and Warranty for NiMH Battery Systems. Please Read!

Unplug Lamps when not in use! Accidental switch on of lights can result in fire and end in disaster for your lights, your rucksack, garage, house or vehicle. Disconnect charger from mains when not in use. Do not use charger outside or in damp conditions. Do not operate charger if dropped or damaged in any way.
HALOGEN LAMPS Lamps get very hot! Do not run 20 or 35 Watt Lamps when stationary. If using zip ties then place the rubber strip through the cradle bracket first and then the zip tie, so the rubber sits next to the handlebars.
HALIDE LAMPS These have a rated median lifetime under lab test conditions of 1000 hours assuming a duty cycle of 1 hour on /15 minutes off. THE MORE OFTEN/ FREQUENTLY YOU SWITCH THE LAMP ON AND OFF THE SHORTER THE LIFE WILL BE - the normal mode of failure for these lamps is inability to strike (i.e.: switch on) - as a very rough rule of thumb the lamps will last for (on average) 1000 switches on - it should be assumed that if they are switched on for 5 minutes and off again, repeatedly, then this duty cycle will result in a life time closer to 83 hours - conversely, if they are regularly run for longer than one hour at a time then they are likely to last longer than 1000 hours. Keep stationary run-time to the minimum to ensure lamp and ballast keep as cool as possible. Allow 5 seconds before re-striking Halide Lamp.
NiMH BATTERY Never allow battery to run flat. Turn off or unplug lamps immediately lamps start to fade. Do not continue to use them when dim. Failure to do this can damage battery. Recharge as soon as possible. These are not Ni-Cad batteries so do not attempt to flatten before charging or leave in a discharged state. Charge and store the battery in a cool environment (0-20ºC). Charge before storing for a prolonged period and we recommend charging the battery every couple of months in storage! To revitalize your battery after Summer Storage: Charge fully, use only ½-¾ of battery. Fully recharge again, your battery is now revitalised.
CHARGE 1st Charge for 24 Hours to condition the battery (irrespective of charge in battery).
FAST CHARGER Charger will charge battery to 95% in 1-4 hours in fast charge mode (Red Light It will then switch to top off mode (Green/ Orange) and finally to trickle charge (Green). It is safe and recommended to leave the battery on trickle charge for up to 24 Hours whenever possible.
STANDARD CHARGER The full charge is 20 Hours. Charge proportionally, if half full charge for 10 Hours Do not overcharge. Prolonged periods of overcharge will shorten the life of the battery. Use a wall timer to help regulate charge if necessary.
FITTING & FIXTURES Bottle batteries have excess cable coiled in the bottle. Unscrew top when charging. Bag battery straps can be cut to length into a point and singed to ease going through buckle. All batteries can be charged from any lead


Mechanical Parts, Batteries and Chargers have a 1 year return to base warranty against faulty parts or workmanship. Halogen or Halide Lamps have a 6 month warranty. The warranty does not cover any damage which results from accident, abuse, misuse, natural or personal disaster or any unauthorised disassembly, repair or modification. Nor will Lumicycle(UK) be responsible for any consequential loss arising from failure or malfunction of product.