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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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Recommended Systems

Mountain biking in the dark or on unlit roads requires good lights. Even on busy city streets being seen is a major concern. Ordinary lights don't cut it, you will either end up falling off a mountain, riding into a pothole or getting squashed. More and more commuting to work is off road one minute, unlit rural roads the next and finally bright city streets. This is where a good set of lights is vital to road confidence and survival.

Whether you are riding once a week off road or everyday to work Lumicycle makes a set of lights that is for you. These recommended systems have been built from the breadth of experience built up by Lumicycle since 1997. Each system has been thoroughly tested by customers in the field and each hold their own individual charisma.

The heart of the system is the battery, Lumicycle uses high quality Panasonic Lithium Ion or Sanyo Nickel Metal Hydride batteries that will give you exceptional run times really bright lights and battery life of a minimum of 300 recharge cycles or 3 years. All spare parts and upgrades are available which means you could be using your same lights 10 years later as some of our customers are. Recharging is really easy with plug and forget intelligent chargers and the batteries we use have no memory which means you can charge them at any time. There are three types of lighting. Most people are familiar with Halogen, we use Philips Osram or GE lamps for long life and good light output. Adding these lamps to the batteries provides no nonsense lighting systems that will enable you to charge down mountains, cycle safely to work or illuminate dark country lanes in ways you could not have imagined. Our top of the range light sets use the fantastically efficient and bright Halide Arc Lamp. Specially developed these lamps have no filament but in true futuristic style require 6000 volts to ignite an electrical arc that burns in a halide plasma producing the most efficient light source known to man. If it is ultimate performance you require these are the lamps for you. Finally LED s are used both in our tail lights and for the new 1 Watt front light. This LED lamp is great for massive run times. Combined with a glow ring it becomes the perfect lamp for in town riding.

All these systems come in a range of options, so you could have your battery in a bottle that fits snugly into your bottle cage or in a bag that straps securely to the frame. The lamp units come in different options. It is also easy to buy different lamps that will fit into your lamp units for different run times or brightness.

Anyway follow the links below to find your idea system. On the final page you will be able to customise it further, but by then this guide will give you a good idea of your requirements.

Off Road

Off road systems are more suited to those who spend more time off road than on road, the systems focus on wider powerful lights, to light up the tracks, but can still be used on roads.

On Road

On road systems are tailor made for those that spend more time on road than off road. The systems focus more on narrow powerful lights, but not limited to roads.


Dedicated Commuter systems designed for road use. From busy city roads to quiet country lanes, these are ideal for any road commuter.


These lights are for fast off road tracks. These lights stress ultra brightness to light up all obstacles.

As with all Lumicycle lights, these are fully modifiable and upgradeable. Each of the packages are not limited to their disciplines alone, they simply lend themselves to those uses. We built these systems from the experience of customers and on the basis of sales, so what you get here is what has been successful in the field.