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Bike light Customer Reviews

Bike lights reviews from our customers, if you have some feedback on our lights fill out the contact form in Contact Us. We take pride in posting what customers think of our lights. Thank you for all your feed back and support.

Hello Guys

I've just used my Lumicycle 12W spot/20W floodlighting system for the first time on the SAAB Salomon Mountain Mayhem. Fantastic! I couldn't have asked for better lighting.

As my team enters for the fun and not the competition I have never really invested in a top class sytem but, because I was getting fed up with seeing my own shadow cast along the trail by riders coming up behind and blotting out my feeble glow, this year I spent some money. It was a great feeling to run the same times at night as during the day and also to see other riders move over for me asMY lights cast THEIR shadows along the trail. I also managed to prove the sturdiness of the system as a night time face planting left me with a swollen lip, bleeding nose and numerous scrapes but the lights emerged unscathed.

Thank you for producing such a fantastic product which I would recommend to anyone.

See you soon for more bits!


Pete Gregory

Dear Lumicycle,

18 months on I'm still smitten with your lights - with long days at this time of year I often wait for nightfall before going off on a ride cos it's still so much fun blasting a beam a hundred yards up the road.


The only gripes are minor ones:

Surely there must be a better LED headlight? Is there a possiblity of basing something on 5W Luxeon bulbs? I can't imagine you haven't thought of it already, so I'll just wait until something comes up! Particularly useful would be something for flashing oncoming cars without tripping the short-circuit protection, which happens once the battery gets below about 1/2 charge.

Lumicycle- There is something in the pipeline on this very subject, but as it stands its all very hush-hush, wink-wink. capiche. In regards to the feedback on the short-circuit protection. in all our battery tests we've never been able to emulate that experience, we are looking in to it.

And - the 6deg HID bulb I have has rarely ever switched on at the first go, and takes progressively more and more attempts to strike. It's up to about 15-20 goes now, yet it's still well under half its "rated median life" as given on the website. As it is, it's a replacement because the first one I got was very underpowered so I sent it back.It's a bit too expensive for trial-and-error, but if you reckon I've just been unlucky and this is unusual, I'll buy another one from you.

Lumicycle- The lamp was returned for upgrades and repair free of charge.

Anyway, as I say those are minor gripes - I've stopped worrying about it cos it always works eventually, and superbly so.



PS the 13deg HID bulb I originally got with the system has always switched on without any problems at all.

I purchased my first set of lights from you about 5 years ago and have been delighted with them. As a result of my own making I managed to short the battery and called you to ask what to do - you asked me to send it in so you could take a look at it. You happily spent several hours to attempt to resolve the problem buty unfortunately you were unable to fix it so I had to buy a new unit, which I was happy to do. I have just had to purchase a new charger as I seem to have misplaced the old one.

Contacting you and dealing with you is a genuine pleasure - I can think of few companies which treat their customers with the level of care and respect that you do.

Thanks - I will continue to recommend you to everyone who rides a bike!


Hi Jon

I took my new Lumicycle Halide light out for the first time last night. I rode 10k on a poorly lit and sometimes dark cycle path that I know quite well. I know what speed I can ride during the day, and I also know how much I had to slow down after dark with my old light. Last night I was doing daylight speeds at night! That means 45kph on a dark downhill stretch and feeling safe to go faster if only the hill was longer. What a fabulous piece of kit!

Kevin Graham

Project Officer to the Chair of Faculty and Dean of Learning Services

Canberra Institute of Technology

Dear Sirs

Having recently purchased the 12v and 20v halogen lights with the endurance battery, I would just like to say that the lights have an impressive beam and the product is of a high quality and standard that in my experiance is missing from other supplers in your business

In fact on more than one occassion I have been nearly pulled over by the police as it would seem that at night I could easily be riding a motorbike rather than a downhill bike and the officers wanted to take a closer look!

I have found that car drivers now give me a wide berth and a lot more respect ! other cyclists are lit up like christmas tree lights even way out in the distance by the halogen lights, and I have clearly made quite an impression on oncoming road users and pedestrians alike!

The lights work particulary well off road, so well in fact that if any other person crosses my path I have to switch off one of the lights to prevent them from being complety blinded by the halogen beam

In the short time that I have been using the lights, I have had one amusing incidence whereby a passing metro's (with a broken front light) driver leaned out while passiing shouting at me to dip my lights on a dark country road late at night

I dont think he realised I was only riding a downhil bike at the time due to the powerful beam from the twin spots !

more importantly the service is excellent and your website is user friendly and easy to navigate, im sure that your business will quickly grow once more people become aware of the excellent product that you supply, especially compared with the poor standard of the exisiting competition in general

All the best