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Race Extender Pack

Quick Overview

Race is the big brother to the Freeway producing 1120 Lumens, it has an elegant and timeless design that has been CNC milled from solid Aluminium. The Race light has a 4 LED system meaning it is ideally suited to faster road riding because it has a more powerful further reaching and slightly wider beam than the Freeway.

This high-power light features an innovative side facing glow-ring that helps you to be seen by traffic to the side of you, this is an essential feature when pulling out of any junction, or crossing a roundabout as it gives a great degree of extra early visibility from the sides compared to traditional lighting. An integral eyelid design also helps prevent any upward glare. This light also proves popular as a helmet light as well as a multipurpose road and trail light.

This system comes with our extremely powerful 6.8 Ah Extender battery, Standard Li-Ion charger (see ordering options) and a carbon fibre effect storage case. This pack is designed to double the run time offered by our Race Enduro Pack and the battery will simply mount on a tubular part of your bike.

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Additional Information

Race has a slightly brighter and wider beam than Freeway.

LUMEN OUTPUT 100 200 400 800 1120 1120
POWER (WATT) 0.7 1.5 3.5 7.8 14.3 14.3
Enduro 3.4Ah RUNTIME (HR) 78.7 41.1 17.3 7.6 4.6 3 mins
Extender 6.4Ah RUNTIME (HR) 157.3 83.2 37.7 15.1 10.1 3 mins
Bottle 6.8Ah RUNTIME (HR) 157.3 83.2 37.7 15.1 10.1 3 mins

2017 Improvements:

You can read about the 2017 improvements to our systems by clicking here.

Instruction Manual:

You can access an electronic version of the instruction manual by clicking here and the RF network setup and operating guide by clicking here.


Lamp with Q/R bracket (137g) and Extender battery (438g) weighs 575g.

Brightness comparison to a Ferrari 458 Italia on Full Beam - (Use Slider to compare)

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