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Summit 2018

Quick Overview

With 1650 Lumen maximum output and medium beam spread, Summit 2018 offers the discerning cross over rider a fantastic lighting option for any situation. Housed in the new 2018 two tone black/green anodised livery and machined from aircraft grade 6061 solid aluminium billet, this road light will offer years of reliable performance. The LUMIDRV3 circuitry housed within its body takes care of accurate LED output management ensuring extremely stable and reliable output from the 3 CREE XPG LED's used in this system. Our Summit range has been the light of choice for commuters and off roaders alike for many tears; and now with the wealth of new features for 2018 its sure to be a popular choice for those requiring a good value all-rounder. On Road, Off Road this light is more than capable in all but the most extreme of conditions and offers great value for money. Made in Great Britain, tested the world over! NOTE: We are currently updating our website for 2018, all Summit products listed will be the 2018 specification unit even if the description still states 2017! This will be resolved shortly.

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Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the Summit 2018 light only it does not come with a battery or a charger. All our lights and batteries are modular, so our existing customers have the option to use previously purchased batteries with this system. Or if you would like to purchase the Summit light with a battery and charger we suggest Summit Enduro Pack.

The Summit 2018 external features now boast a two colour anodised finish, improved internal thermal performance and waterproof sealing. The light features six easily selectable power modes including Flash and a special Smart Boost mode designed for 3-minute sprints, the Smart Boost delivers maximum performance at high speed - 1650 lumens for 3 minutes (that can be reset of course). At customers request the 2018 Summit now also indicates the state of battery charge when you first connect the light. Improvements in the LED driver software also increase the efficiency of the 2018 model, enabling greater run times - especially if coupled with our new 3.4Ah or 6.8Ah battery packs (also new for 2018). Working together this increases run times by xxx whilst still maintaining industry leading brightness. We have worked closely with CREE to identify a very special version of the XPG2 LED used in the light - which has a high element of green/blue in its spectrum - whilst not obvious to your eye when riding (its just a crisp white light), but if you are riding through trees or foliage you will notice that the branches and leaves will become much more obvious. The Smart Indicator software has also been enhanced for 2018, providing light output mode and battery health indicators on the back of the lamp.

One of the beauties of the lamp is simple, rugged up/down toggle switch that allows the user to easily (even with heavy gloves) go up or down through the power modes without the need to cycle through unnecessary settings.


  • Three CREE XPG2 U3 LEDs.
  • Up to 1650 Lumen output power (Smart Boost mode).
  • ARM Core processor with RF capability.
  • 20° Off Road Mid Beam ideal for singletrack.
  • 6500K – 7000K Colour temperature, special CREE LED
  • Custom driver circuitry - 95% max efficiency
  • Six Power Modes: flash, low, mid, high, boost, timed 3 min smart boost.
  • Up and down positive non-cyclical switching.
  • Smart indicator featuring mode selection and dynamic fuel gauge.
  • Positive safe switching enabling selective up and down levels.
  • Improved thermal management software.
  • Hold switch to turn off so no accidental blackout.
  • Two Tone Anodised finish.
  • Adjustable quick release bracket.
  • Compatible with all existing Lumicycle batteries and chargers.
  • Ideal size and performance for all off-road use.
  • Conceived, designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Synergy of quality components.

Our 14.8 v Li-Ion batteries come in two capacities our Enduro 3.4 Amp/h and our Extender 6.8 Amp/h. Our Lithium-Ion batteries packs are made using the very highest quality Panasonic or Sanyo cells. The battery pack is the heart of any bike light system and we have found using these cells produces battery packs that typically last between 5-7 years when used and stored correctly.

LUMEN OUTPUT 75 160 550 1100 1650 1650
POWER (WATT) 0.5 1 4.2 8.9 17.3 17.3
Enduro 3.1Ah (2017) RUNTIME (HR) 45.8 28.4 10 4.6 2.3 3 mins (resettable)
Enduro 3.4Ah (2018) RUNTIME (HR) 50.0 35.2 12.4 6.9 4.7 3 mins (resettable)
Extender 6.2Ah (2017) RUNTIME (HR) 91.6 56.8 19.8 9.2 4.7 3 mins (resettable)
Extender 6.8Ah (2018) RUNTIME (HR) 100.0 70.4 24.8 13.9 9.4 3 mins (resettable)
Bottle 6.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 91.6 56.8 19.8 9.2 4.7 3 mins (resettable)
Bottle 6.8Ah RUNTIME (HR) 100.0 70.4 24.8 13.9 9.4 3 mins (resettable)

Note: run time calculations are based on a fully charged battery and light in single output mode, depending on the mix of modes selected whilst riding, temperature, charge state and age of battery these figures may vary and are intended for a guide only.

2018 Improvements:

You can read about the 2017 improvements to our systems by clicking here.

Instruction Manual:

You can access an electronic version of the instruction manual by clicking here and the RF network setup and operating guide by clicking here.


Lamp with Q/R bracket weighs 137g.

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