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If the delivery country you specify on your order is inside the European Union, then no further import taxes (in addition to the 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) we have already added) will be due on your order.

Additionally, if your order is to be shipped to (but not limited to) Israel, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, these countries also do not impose import duties on products coming from the European Community, however in some cases you may have to pay a local sales tax direct to the courier that delivers your goods.

If your delivery country is the United States, then you will be required to pay an import duty of around 4% on all shipments with a value in excess of $200. The duty is levied on the total cost of the shipment, including the cost of shipping.

Unfortunately, Lumicycle are not able to change the value of the shipment on the customs documentation in order to bring the consignment in below the duty threshold.

If the shipping address you select is a non-European destination and the price of the item(s) in your basket include VAT, then the relevant amounts of VAT will be automatically deducted from your order total at the checkout.