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Extreme Endurance

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Lumicycle is proud to sponsor the UKs premier endurance biking team. Extreme Endurance boasts two National series titles and one World Champion


The team was launched, in February 2005, by mountain bike racer Rob Lee.

We are an independent team that works hard to promote both our sponsors and the sport. We also put something back into the sport through coaching and our Development Team program.

So far in 2006 they've set the fastest time for the 30km course at Salisbury Plain and put a rider on the Solo Podium at Strathpuffer 24 Hour.

In 2005 they won 34 individual races!

Extreme Endurance, making the rest look like toddlers.

The goal of the team is simple - to achieve excellence

The Senior team line-up of top atheletes with top results. Such a team needs top of the range support, with bikes from Red Planet, clothing from and top of the range lights from Lumicycle.

Extreme Endurance is focussing on improving standards and rearing new racers. Providing young up-and-coming riders with support and training. Developing atheletes to Olympic standards in time for the 2012 games in London

Extreme Endurance is an incredible team going places quickly, have a look at these results for starters

The Thetford Winter Series - 4 Hour

The Gorrick Spring Series - Elite
The Gorrick Spring Series - Masters

National Enduro Series - 6 Hour Pro
National Enduro Series - 6 Hour Open

The Gorrick 100 - 7 Lap

Dusk 'til Dawn - Solo 12 Hour
Dusk 'til Dawn - Mixed Team 12 Hour

The World Solo Championships - Masters!

Rob Lee

James Leavesley

Masters World Solo Champion

2nd Strathpuffer

Gavin Atkins

Sally Lee

BC Team Coach

1st TREK 2 Hour Series