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Team Buff Endure

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Performance lights sponsorship for adventure team such as Team Buff Endure is not just restricted to mountain biking racing. Team Buff Endure is the UK’s First All-Female Adventure Racing Team


The top UK female adventure racing athletes have come together to form an all female team for the 2005 UK season. We will compete in both stage and expedition length races and, needless to say, many single discipline races too. Hence, look out for our bright colours wherever you go!

Whilst most of us will continue to compete in mixed sex teams on the international scene,we believe that by racing in this unique format, we can raise the profile of our sport in the UK (through increased media interest and attention).

The UK adventure racing scene won't know whats has hit it!

 An all female team also enables us to raise our own individual performance standards as we are forced to navigate, decision make and snuggle together for warmth without the benefit of having the boys around.

Anna McCormack

Fiona Patterson

Red Bull Northern Exposure Winner

Adrenalin Rush Winner

Deb Cook

Zoe York

British Ladies White Water Rafting team

Female Pairs 2004 ACE race Winner