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Halide 10 Watt 13 ° Flood Halide 10 Watt 6 ° Spot Halogen 12 Watt 8° Spot Halogen 20 W 30° Flood
700 Lumens 700 Lumens 370 Lumens 650 Lumens
12 Watts 12 watts 13.8 Watts 26 Watts
Exceptionally bright blue-white HID flood light. Equivalent to 30 Watts of Halogen light. Recommended for off-road riding. Exceptionally bright blue-white HID spotlight. Equivalent to 30 Watts of Halogen light. Recommended for road riding. The 12 watt spot is the perfect halogen lamp for singletrack or use on the road. It has a penetrating beam but also a wide halo to give lots of confidence. This is a great lamp. Don't leave home without it The 20 Flood is great for illuminating technical sections or in the woods. Not recommenced for on road use except in slow heavy moving urban traffic where being seen at all costs is vital

Halogen 5 Watt 7° Spot Halogen 20 Watt 10° Spot Halogen 20 Watt 20° Mid Halogen 10 Watt 38° Flood
110 Lumens 650 Lumens 650 Lumens 240 Watts
6.6 Watts 26 Watts 26 Watts 11 Watts
Penetrating beam yet very economical with up to 8.5 hours run time. Idea for Audax. This lamp is also a firm favourite of the commuter, equipped with the optional Halogen Glow ring to give high visibility from the side this lamp can be used for a week of commuting on one full charge. The 10 Watt Lamp with its wide 38 ° Flood is idea for urban use where a wide angle of visibility is required. The 5 hour Run Time is also very attractive to road riders. For a single lamp the 20 Mid is the best choice for combined road and off road riding with a max 2.2 hours. With its even beam is good to see across the road and for warning on-coming drivers of your presence without blinding them with a huge wide beam. A brighter and slightly broader version of the 12 Watt Spot. Great for road riding where 2.2 hours is the max run time.

Halogen 35 Watt 8° Spot Halogen 35 Watt 17° Mid
1000 Lumens 1000 Lumens
43 Watts 43 Watts
The brightest light Lumicycle offers. Awesome for stunning the crowd, usually used for short very fast offroad. The most powerful light that Lumicycle offers. The Mid is probably the best beam pattern for this power. Awesome for offroad riding.