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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ½Bombproof and practical, invest in these lights for years of after-dark adventures
New 2017 Range...
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For the long ride home
New 2017 Apex... brighter than a Ferrari 458
A Dream is what guides us, but...
...a bright light
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For the long ride home
2017 Explorer Pros...
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Since 1997

★ ★ ★ Multi Award Winning Lights ★ ★ ★

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Since 1997 Lumicycle have produced high quality performance LED bike lights. Lumicycle bicycle lights are designed and built in the UK to withstand tough conditions and to last for years.

We make nothing but the best cycle lights, when you buy from Lumicycle you can rest assured that you are buying the very best with over 18 years of experience. Our cycle lights are quite rightly multi award winning bike lights; we only ever use the very finest quality materials and cutting edge production techniques here in the UK.

New 2017 Lumicycle Product Range

2017 improvements sees Lumicycle's high performance product range advance yet further ahead delivering our goal of being the bicycle best light system in the world.

Each of the 2017 Lumicycle high powered LED front light systems now include our lumiDRV™ enhanced LED control board, boasting increased power efficiency and wireless capability. The glare reduction integral eyelid has evolved further with added air flow scallops into the CNC milled high grade aluminium cases for better LED unit performance.

Lumicycle 2017 battery packs take advantage of the latest Panasonic Lithium Ion cells moving our Enduro battery up from 2.6 Ah to 3.1Ah and our Extender and Bottle battery packs from 5.2Ah to 6.2Ah, whilst maintaining the same size and weight. This increase along with the front light improvements brings 30% longer run times compared to last year's range.

Mountain Bike Lights - Explorer

The Explorer is the most popular high powered Lumicycle light taking mountain bike light performance to the next level. With a huge penetrating beam and lots of surround light the Explorer is ideal for both straight tracks and gnarly singletrack. It can also be used in city streets, urban environments and dark country lanes. Click to find out more and buy...

Road Bike Lights

Our Freeway and Race road lights are high-powered front bike lights for commuting and touring, they include unique side illumination to provide enhanced safety when cycling in town. The beam is long reaching, punching 100's of metres into the darkness yet also has width close to the wheel, perfect for picking out potholes, fallen branches etc.