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Lumicycle - the best bike lights on the market.

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2014 New!

For the last 16 years Lumicycle’s multi award winning lights have been renowned for offering undisputed quality, design and workmanship at the cutting edge of cycle light technology. 2014 is no exception, the evolution of our product range being even further refined. Our wide range of new internal and external features have once again been meticulously designed and engineered and executed with the quality and durability that our demanding customers expect.

External enhancements

While continuing to use a stylish and rugged CNC milled high grade aluminium cases, we have made a number of design improvements to further enhance each products performance and usability across the product range.

  1. Each light in the range now features a light glare reduction “EyeLid” into each elegantly engineered case. The resulting major benefit of this to off road is to provide maximum forward natural retina visibility when using the high lumen outputs provided by the Lumicycle system. In many conditions of ascent or riding at speed a rider can often be leant over the bike handlebars, the Eyelid provides a shield to the rider’s eyes, ensuring maximum night vision retention by preventing accidental glare from the LED light. This has been a feature of our road lights as an option, but is now standard across the entire range.
  2. During road use, the “eyelid” also reduces the amount of unwanted upward glare presented to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. An additional feature of all 2014 road lights is the newly designed front illumination ring, this presents enhanced visibility when the bike is viewed from the side (for example at junctions) further increasing safety for the rider.
  3. Casework components are secure together with high grade stainless steel fasteners, and improved water and dust protection is provided by a re-designed O ring sealing system.
  4. Thermal performance has been improved to match the highest performance LED's now used in the 2014 range, CREE XML2 LED's; these are controlled with our unique proprietary control system that ensures that the LED's maximum performance is harnessed, whilst at the same time our thermal control system ensures that should there be a time when the unit does get too hot, no damage is done to the light components.

Internal enhancements

  1. Our proprietary driver software has been updated to ensure our customers receive the best possible performance from our lamps. So the complete range now offers increased levels of lighting output with reduced power usage, whilst at the same time continuing to offer our unique "Smart Boost" technology for especially challenging terrain sections.
  2. We have increased the shock protection of the circuit board mounting system internally which provides greater levels of reliability even during the most arduous of environmental conditions. And have shown that the light unit can even withstand extreme shock conditions by playing ice hockey with it.
  3. The 2014 range now includes a new internally CNC milled "heat bridge" to more effectively dissipate the thermal heat generated by the CREE LED's, ensuring that junction temperatures of the LED's themselves are maintained at optimal levels for maximum output and reliability.

Performance Upgrades

With the evolution of our new 2014 range, we have increased the lumen output across the following models as well as increased burn times detailed in the table below.

LUMEN OUTPUT 150 400 1100 2200 3000 3500
POWER (WATT) 0.8 2.1 6.1 13.9 23.3 26.6
Enduro 2.6Ah RUNTIME (HR) 45 17 6 2.5 1.3 3 mins
Extender 5.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 90 34 11 4.9 2.6 3 mins
Bottle 5.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 90 34 11 4.9 2.6 3 mins

Explorer brightness comparison to a Ferrari 458 Italia on Full Beam - (Use Slider to compare)

LUMEN OUTPUT 75 160 550 1100 1650 1650
POWER (WATT) 0.3 0.6 3.1 7.9 15.8 15.8
Enduro 2.6Ah RUNTIME (HR) 120 59 11 4.3 2.0 3 mins
Extender 5.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 240 117 22 8.5 4.1 3 mins
Bottle 5.2Ah RUNTIME (HR) 240 117 22 8.5 4.1 3 mins

Apex brightness comparison to a Ferrari 458 Italia on Full Beam - (Use Slider to compare)


Our lamp and battery units have been subjected to a wide range or environmental and shock tests. You can find test videos on our website under the section "why buy from Lumicycle". We have boiled a light to +100 degrees in water, frozen a light into a solid block of ice, as well as performed a series of gruelling shock tests. We engineer and produce the highest quality and performance bicycle lights, having a life span that far exceeds the competition and the expectations of our customers.


All of our lights are designed and manufactured in Britain, we pride ourselves on using only the best of British engineering techniques, and materials combined with the very finest components from across the world. Our 2014 range of lights are manufactured in Hampshire.


Our Battery Cells are sourced from leading manufacturers in the world, Sanyo and Panasonic, offering a typical lifespan of over 5+ years, our internal battery protection circuit ensures that when used with our charger system the cells cannot be subjected to failure or fault conditions such as over charge, over temperature and incorrect polarity. Each cell pack is fully tested before final assembly.

CREE supply all of our LED components, a world leader in the solid state lighting field, whose innovation and expertise has driven LED illumination efficiency to greater and greater heights. Switches and interconnect components are sourced from leaders in the field, with cycle times reaching far above 10,000 operations. Our battery charges are sourced from European manufacturers – ensuring the highest quality, reliability and safety.

Product Key Features

Front Lights

  • Housings machined from 6082T6 Solid aluminium – the strongest “6000 series” aluminium alloy currently available. Provides exceptional durability and strength.
  • Precision optics manufactured from high strength PMMA acrylic with extremely high light transmission properties ensures accurate light distribution patterns in both narrow and flood beam orientation.
  • CREE LED technology used throughout the range; arguably the best performance LED unit currently available.
  • Proprietary microprocessor controlled LED drive circuit with on board automatic thermal throttling of LED components with multi stage light control for all riding conditions.
  • SMART BOOST technology (on certain models) provides enhanced light levels on demand. SMART BOOST switches the LED units to the highest possible light output level for 3 minutes before automatically reducing to a lower level. This feature negates the human eye’s natural ability to adjust to light level, and is ideal for extreme riding conditions.
  • Simple control – all light levels plus flash mode and on/off all accessible from one switch. The switch is designed for ease of use in cold conditions as well as while wearing gloves.
  • Indication of light output mode and battery level by simple LED indicator mounted on rear of the unit.
  • Lights are compatible with both legacy Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion Lumicycle battery packs. Fuel gauge and battery level monitoring configuration can be easily programmed by the user and is retained in on board memory.
  • Choice of narrow or flood beam options.

Battery Packs

  • Lithium Ion battery cells manufactured by world leading manufacturers – Sanyo and Panasonic.
  • Battery pack designed in the UK.
  • Choice of 2.6Ah or 5.2Ah capacities to suit all riding styles.
  • 14.8V output enables massive LED power outputs to be used for long periods.
  • On board protection circuit protects battery pack against accidental short circuit, over temperature or overcharging.
  • Rugged Cordura bag for flexible, fast and easy frame mounting.
  • Choice of capacities to suit all riding styles.
  • Bottle battery pack fits into all cycle water carrier cradles.


  • Manufactured in Scandinavia, not a China import.
  • Extremely reliable with LED indication of charge state.
  • Multi voltage input with interchangeable pins available for most country types (UK, EU, US etc). Alternative option to plug mains extension cable to unit if required.


Over the past 16 years Lumicycle has gained an enviable reputation worldwide for the highest quality illumination systems. Our 2014 range evolution is at the pinnacle of design, performance, quality, durability and ease of use; they are used by top competitive riders and discerning amateurs alike, and have been trialled by emergency services and mountain rescue teams.

To date we have always been a direct sales company, but 2014 will see a change to this strategy, where Lumicycle will engage with a select few retailers to offer our lighting systems.